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    Rose Water – 200ml

    ₹ 149.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Rose Water removes pollutants and impurities from skin. It also helpful to soothe and impart glow to the skin.

    Shikakai Shampoo – 200 ml

    ₹ 199.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Shikakai Shampoo makes hair beautiful, bouncy, smooth, and silky flowing. It also nourishes the hair as well as strengthens the hair right from the roots.

    Soap Combo

    ₹ 239.00 incl tax
    Soap Combo contains a pack of almond soap, neem soap, and herbal facewash giving assurance from a scope of germs. Deeply purifies and shields your skin from ailment causing germs. Contains over 80% normally inferred fixings and glycerin to keep skin saturated and solid.

    Soya Protein Conditioner – 200ml

    ₹ 189.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Soya Protein Conditioner has the goodness of soya extract which has anti-breakage and anti-damage benefits. It promotes hair smoothness and makes your hair look shiny. It makes hair soft, nourished and manageable.

    Strawberry Soap – 125gm (Pack of 3)

    ₹ 225.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Strawberry Soap is an excellent skin cleanser with skin lightening and toning properties. Extreme answer for revived and clean skin: strawberry soap with delectable fruity smell and nutrient advanced foam will give you new explosions of strawberries; Ideal for all skin types: nutrient and cancer prevention agents enhanced strawberry soap is an ideal treatment for all skin types.

    White Rose Hand Wash – 450 ml

    ₹ 299.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Hand Washes are formulated with the goodness of Orange, Lemongrass, and White Rose. It cleans and protects your hands from germs, prevents infections, and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.