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    Why trust Jain Marketplace ?

    About Jain Marketplace Family:

    We only work with reputable vendors who make and sell things that adhere to Jain religion principle of Ahimsa. We try our best to ensure that there is no compromise over quality and emphasis is given on hygiene. Vendors are reputed, known for their work throughout and especially those who follow and believe in our vision and mission. We ask our sellers to label the food whether it is suitable for Jains or not, which makes it easier for the customer as well. Only after an insight into the product ingredients, they are listed on our website.

    Most of the vendors are well known and well respected.  Even Jain Maharaj sahib can consume food from these vendors. As these vendors strictly follow the procedures for Jain food preparation and utmost care is given to ensure products are devoid of any harmful particles. That is why even MaharajSabib recommends utilizing the products manufactured and sold by these respected vendors.We are careful regarding the ingredients included in food products and after careful screening and knowing items used in the production of these products, we list them on our website, ensuring that vendors strictly adhere to our principle of Ahimsa.

     Buy Cakes, Cupcakes, and muffins online from Jain Marketplace 

    It is impossible to think of celebrating any special event or occasion without Cakes, be it birthday parties, an anniversary celebration, office parties, weddings, farewell parties, etc. Cakes are almost essential for any cause of celebration and Jain Marketplace provides you with wide range of delicious cakes available in different shapes, sizes and flavours to suit your needs. Our range expands from the classics like white forest, black forest to the rich and textured cakes such as chocolate ganache, vanilla bundt, chocolate bundt and various others. For those who prefer the fruity flavoured cakes, we offer wide range of cakes ranging from pineapple, kiwi, orange, blueberry etc flavours.  

    Apart from cakes, you can order cupcakes and muffins too. These cakes are finely crafted with emphasis on quality, hygiene and delicious taste. With the inclusion of homemade sellers on our website, you can enjoy fresh-baked cupcakes, cakes and muffins. We offer multiple secure payment facilities on our website, so go ahead and order your favourite cakes, cupcakes and muffins.  

    Purchase Organic quality goods and products from Jain Marketplace 

    Utilising Organic products and grocery items is becoming a lifestyle trend and that is mainly because the benefits of using them are a lot. There has been an increase in consumption of organic grocery items as they are devoid of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, etc.  

    Jain marketplace sells high-quality maati utensils gives you all the phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other compounds that our body benefits from. These utensils are 100% toxins free and best for your health. The food cooked in these utensils is completely healthy and hygienic. The food also tastes better as the moisture content is retained, making the food tastier and fresh.  

    There is a lot of demand for utilising organic quality products and people who are health-oriented tend to prefer purchasing goods and food products such as organic grocery items. At Jain marketplace, we sell high-quality organic maati utensils, and grocery items such as grains, pulses, dry fruits, jaggery and sugar, and Flour. No preservatives are used in the manufacturing process and all organic grocery items are finely packaged with emphasis on hygiene. We offer multiple secure payment facilities on our website, so go ahead and order organic utensils and food items.  

    Get all the essential items regarding personal care at Jain Marketplace 

    In today’s day and age where there is prevalent pollution which leads to allergy issues, skin problems, hair care troubles, face and body care, it is important to regularly use good quality essential products to fresh and active. It is advised that personal care should be given a priority and it is rightly stated that self-care is a must.  

    Jain Marketplace offers wide range of personal care items ranging from hair care products, dental, and essential oils that can help treat various ailments such as pain relief, dental issues, menstrual cramps, inflammation, bad breath, indigestion, bloating, skin irritation, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Apart from these, products related to body and shower such as face wash, shampoo bars, scrubs, gels, body lotions, body oils, deodorant powder, shaving foam, handwash, etc. Beautifully scented natural itra in multiple flavours are available too. Well-packaged combo packs are also crafted which can be utilised for specific purposes such as travel kit, hair care, premium hair care, combination of face products, etc.  

    Utmost care is taken in the manufacturing of these products and is finely packaged with emphasis on hygiene. We offer multiple secure payment facilities on our website, so go ahead and order all your required essential items.

    Purchase baby oil and baby laundry products from Jain Marketplace 

     For a newborn baby, every parent wishes to provide the best quality baby products for their infant. It is crucial to take the utmost care when the baby is in the infant stage. There have been issues reported of skin harm due to the bad quality of ingredients used in baby products. Hence, it is advised that only good quality products be utilized for the baby.  

    At Jain marketplace, we sell baby oil and laundry products which are highly suitable for the baby. The ingredients utilized are non-toxic, chemical-free so that cleaning of baby clothes is germ-free and babies can feel comfortable all the time. Baby oil is soft on the skin and regularly applying it is highly beneficial for the baby. We provide multiple secure payment facilities, so go ahead and purchase top quality baby products.  

    Purchase beauty products from Jain Marketplace and stay stylish & fashionable.  

    In this day and age who doesn’t want to look stylish. If not in normal day to day life, but occasionally and in events, everyone dresses up. For girls and ladies who love to look fashionable and at the same time ensure that they are using good quality cosmetic products, purchasing of good quality beauty products is important. At Jain marketplace, you can shop from products regarding lip balm available in various shades, kajal, and brushes for lips and eyes. All beauty products available here are made from good quality ingredients and finely packaged. Every girl deserves to look beautiful and if on particular events, one wants to dress up, then why not do it in style and use only cosmetics of good quality as it will ensure that no side-effects happen. You can purchase beauty products through any of the multiple secure payment facilities provided on our website.  

    Purchase books of various categories from Jain Marketplace 

    It is always said that a pen is mightier than sword and that ideology is often co-related with books. Reading books can make a person wiser, more knowledgable, insightful and improve cognitive abilities. The benefit of reading books is an endless list and hence it is often advised that once should keep on reading books. Also reading books of diverse categories helps a person in crafting a wider perspective for himself/herself. Way of living life attributes to gain, insights into oneself, etc. can be gained by reading books. At Jain Marketplace, we provide books of varied categories and topics such as Jain contest, basics of Jainism, aagam, adhyatam, tatva/padarth. Moreover, you can also search for books on the basis of the category or author name, making it easier for you to see and purchase your desired book. Through our multiple secure payment facilities, you can easily pay for your book and get it delivered at your doorstep.  

    Purchase cleaning and household items from Jain marketplace 

    In every household, hygiene is something that is everyone looks out for. It is of utmost vital for houses and workplaces to be cleaned daily or else it has the potential to be a breeding ground for germs and disease. Apart from that, if a place is not cleaned thoroughly there always is an issue of bad smells, an increase in the number of insects as well as bugs and flies. That is why if one purchases cleaning and household products of good quality, the place would stay clean and emit fresh and pure vibes. Jain Marketplace provides products for laundry, cleaners and dishwash purpose. All these products are highly effective and are made with top quality ingredients that ensure that surfaces, clothes, utensils are disinfected and  cleaned thoroughly. Utilising these good quality cleaning and household products will ensure that everyone in your home remains safe too. Laundry powder works well for hand held washing as well as for washing machine ensuring clothes are cleaned and washed properly, removing the germs, stains and imparts subtle fragrance of freshness. You can purchase these items through our secure payment facilities on our website.  

    Purchase all your needs catering to food products from Jain Marketplace 

    It is impossible to survive without food products so the least we can do is to purchase them of good quality from reliable sources. Food is one of the basic necessities for survival and it always will be. Jain marketplace provides wide range of category of food items which are suitable for your daily needs. Jaggery and sugar available are properly refined with ways that do not affect its quality even slightly, ensuring you get to consume high-quality jaggery and sugar. Pasta and noodles are a favorite of the young generation and nowadays, plenty of people love to cook them at home watching recipes online. They are made of high quality and at the same time nutritious, so you can consume them guilt-free, occasionally. Sharbat is a need to be food item at any household for it is mostly utilized as a welcome drink for guests and self-indulgence in hot/warm temperatures. They are available in multiple flavors so you can pick your favorite and enjoy drinking it with your family or yourself on a hot day. It is quite difficult to imagine a household that does not have namkeen and snacks as they are highly consumed daily and for multiple purposes. Several home-made sellers are also listed on the website along with well-known brands hence, you will have plenty of variety to choose from. Go ahead and purchase all your favorite food products from our website through any of the multiple secure payment facilities and have the products delivered to your doorstep.  

     Purchase cooking essentials- Ghee and Oil from Jain Marketplace 

    Ghee and oil can be considered as cooking essential as for food preparation, without adding oil, food is difficult to cook. Especially in India, the emphasis is always put on oil and ghee for daily consumption of food in most households. As it is essential, it is important to have good quality ghee and oil products because it is going to be consumed by us only and if the quality is not good, it can affect our health too. That is why it is recommended to utilize ghee and oil products that are reliable and good for health. Jain marketplace provides various types of oil such as sarsav oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil, etc. and wide range of ghee products too such as cream ghee, pure cow ghee, hand bilona ghee, etc. Daily consumption of ghee and oil in measured quantities will help in following a healthy lifestyle. These products do not contain artificial flavoring or any preservatives. Purchase these essential food products from our website through any of the multiple secure payment facilities and it will be delivered to your doorstep.  

    Purchase pooja and mandir samagri products from Jain Marketplace 

    India has always been known as a religious country and we have always idolized and prayed to our gods daily for blessings, good vibes, faith, and harmony. So it is obvious that mandir and pooja products are to be of the best quality and no compromise should be done in purchasing those items. We are always grateful to our god for all the good things happening in life and also for staying by our side till bad times pass away. Jain marketplace has sellers who are well reputed and are renowned for finely crafting mandir and pooja samagri. At Jain marketplace, you can purchase them by browsing our category of pooja upkaran and pooja dravya and by using any of our multiple payment facilities for payment, you can get the items delivered to your doorstep.   

    Purchase  wide range of spices and herbs from Jain marketplace 

    Spices and herbs are an integral part of any kitchen and are always kept in stock as they are essential for cooking food and giving it the required taste. Without spices and herbs, plenty of your favorite food would taste just bland and they would not be delicious anymore. Apart from just providing good taste, there are several health benefits too in consuming several herbs and spices. At Jain Marketplace, you can choose from wide range of spices and herbs which will complement all taste buds. They are used extensively right from prepping up food for cooking to using them as a garnish to create a wholesome and delicious dish. At the same time, you must use only good quality spices and herbs because if they are not of good quality, they might have advsere health effects too. All the spices and herbs products listed here are manufactured with utmost hygiene and packaged finely, so you can consume them without worrying about the quality. You can order them through our website by making the payment from multiple secure payment facilities and get them delivered to your doorstep.