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    Why you should buy natural and organic products
    0 Why you should buy natural and organic products
    If you are a fitness or skincare enthusiast, you will agree that there is always the need to scout and purchase chemical-free products. It is sometimes confusing to hear skincare or fitness enthusiasts complain about the lack of products in the market. In such a case, one begins to wonder what is happening. After all, you will always find products in stores that solve the need they have. However, experts reveal that a typical skincare or fitness enthusiast will pick unaltered products over regular products.
    Health Benefits of Giving up Soft Drinks
    6806 Health Benefits of Giving up Soft Drinks
    Beverages are a part of our daily lifestyles. Especially if one talks about carbonated Soft Drinks, such beverages are famous among kids to older folks. Although, one should know that there can be several different problems related to Beverages.
    Jain Temples and Worship practice
    2 Jain Temples and Worship practice
    Jainism, or the path of the Jinas, or conquerors, is India's longest continuous monastic tradition. Its devotees use austere behaviors and even self-mutilation to achieve identity. Mahavira was born to a reigning family in the town of Vaishali, which is now part of the current state of Bihar, according to tradition. He sacrificed his prosperous life at the age of thirty and dedicated himself to fasting and self-mortification to cleanse his mind and uncover the meaning of life.
    Mukhwas- Mouth Freshener for festive Season
    0 Mukhwas- Mouth Freshener for festive Season
    Typically, Indian households have a platter of various condiments in their kitchen to give additional flavors to the meal. They also have complex and magnificent-looking platters with various mouth fresheners that can be sweet, nutty, or quite savory, almost like aniseed. One uses such mouth/breath freshener after-meal snack or digestive help, particularly after meals.
    Ayurvedic rasa for immunity during winters
    0 Ayurvedic rasa for immunity during winters
    During winters, taking care of our immunity becomes quite challenging. We get to face chilled temperatures combined with dry wind. Further, both of these might result in viral illnesses such as flu or common colds. Moreover, winters come with many holidays back to back, engaging us throughout the season. Hence, during these times, paying attention to our immune well-being becomes tougher. Holiday celebrations, festivals, are definitely enjoyable but at the same time, it affects the quality of our everyday diet. When there are multiple holiday special sweets and other dishes, plus all our family members gather together, escaping from eating unhealthy becomes impossible. But, for immunity, having a balanced diet is a must. Apart from this, we also need to be aware of potential health risks and infections linked with the winter seasons. We need to keep our immune system strong to fight a variety of diseases
    Winter Skin Problems and Their Solutions
    0 Winter Skin Problems and Their Solutions
    Winters are just around the corner, and we are all set to unpack our sweaters and thick blankets. We might protect ourselves from feeling cold but, our skin, however, needs much more caring. Winter skin problems are the top concern among people during these seasons.
    Why homemade food is better than fast food
    4 Why homemade food is better than fast food
    Homemade foods have always been a better option for our health. Cooking it at home gives you control of what you're putting into them. Also, they have been a money saver for Indian households. Undoubtedly, food and water are the components that keep us alive; hence, what things we eat should be chosen wisely. Today, most people get drawn to food items that are readily prepared to eat. Such foods attract people as they can grab them anywhere at any time. Also, people sometimes do not have time to prepare a meal due to work or classes. Regardless of the reasons, one's eating habits quality should not be taken lightly.
    Benefits of Ghee
    0 Benefits of Ghee
    Ghee is a low-fat, shelf-stable substitute for butter and other culinary oils. The essence of Indian cuisine is Ghee, made from cow's butter strained to eliminate all of the milk particles like caseins and whey. Ghee is one of the most revered foods in Ayurveda, and it has remarkable therapeutic value. In India, it is used in traditional Indian recipes, as frying fat, and even in Ayurvedic supplements. Ghee is created by separating the liquid and milk solid parts of butter from the fat. To begin, boil the butter until the liquid has evaporated and the milk solids have settled to the bottom of the pan, getting yellow to brownish. The process of heating and filtering the milk solids removes nearly all of the lactose, making it lactose-free.
    Chyawanprash-The Immunity Booster
    0 Chyawanprash-The Immunity Booster
    Indians are known for many things, including putting together various herbs to form a beneficial solution. This skill of theirs is why people are prone to accept herbal mixtures from Indians without hesitation. After all, there are validations that it usually works. For this article, we shall be looking at Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic product of Indian descent that serves many purposes, including being an immunity booster. It is common in India, as most people will know of it when you mention it.
    Relish your tea time with namkeens
    0 Relish your tea time with namkeens
    Tea time is probably the best time of the day when you can sit down and chatter with your family. But why make it so tasteless? Namkeens are and always will be the best companion to go with tea. But not all namkeens suit your taste. Namkeens always remain more of a personal choice, and the range of choice can vary from person to person, even in a family. Whether it's the spicy and salty peanuts, you can savor all your favorite namkeens with tea, all you must order them.