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    Dietary Information

    What is Vegetarian?

    Vegetarian is a diet that is devoid of any kind of meat, poultry, and seafood. Over the years, the definition of vegetarianism has been on a debate regarding consideration of egg and/or fish in the diet and some cultures follow it too. However, in India, mainly those products which do not contain meat/poultry, seafood/fish, insects, fat from animals, are labeled as vegetarian products. Jain Marketplace strictly adheres to the policy of not selling/listing of products that are not vegetarian and hence, we require our sellers to agree with that too. Hence, making the listed products suitable for Vegetarians.

    What is Vegan?

    Vegan diet is getting popular these days because it is a lifestyle that strictly constricts any form of animal products and animal cruelty/exploitation. People who follow these products tend to avoid consumption of dairy products, meat, eggs, This is not limited to just food products as people who practice Vegan lifestyle tend to avoid usage of personal and household and purchasing of the same. While veganism is a diverse lifestyle and preferences of food consumption may vary from individual to individual. At Jain Marketplace, we always ask our sellers to state correctly if the product is suitable for vegans. However, it is not guaranteed that the information is accurate. You can contact the seller or know about the information regarding the product from the product page.