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    Vidhyanjali's Scrub

    ₹ 240.00 incl tax
    Spicy cinnamon scrub is a mild exfoliating face scrub that gently removes the dirt and excess oil from the skin. Cinnamon is a natural treatment for acne; it cleanses pores, and stimulates blood vessels on surface of the skin. Cinnamon increases the collagen production, and thus slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Exfoliating Face Scrub - For Clean & Healthy Skin - 120 gm

    ₹ 120.00 incl tax
    Sri Sri Tattva Exfoliating Face Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and helps remove impurities from skin pores. It contains Aloe vera, which reduces skin inflammation and helps remove dead skin. Lemon, refreshes the skin. Cucumber and Rose extract help tone the skin and smoothen it. Use Sri Sri Tattva Exfoliating Face scrub to uncover fresh, young and radiant skin!

    The EnQ Face Scrub - 100gm

    ₹ 349.00 incl tax ₹ 490.00 incl tax
    The EnQ selected this natural ingredient turmeric and create the best product for you. The EnQ Ubtan face scrub is much beneficial for your skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in Ubtan inhibit the growth of bacteria. It removes dust and dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin. This scrub is one of the reasons to get rid of blackheads. It also takes care of other issues like dark spots, pigmentation, etc. It gives a feeling fresh.

    Activated Charcoal Face Scrub 100 gm

    ₹ 299.00 incl tax ₹ 490.00 incl tax
    This amazing product is a perfect combination of ancient herbs & latest trend in a power-packed formula that deeply cleanses your skin pores while nourishing every cell with time tested organic herbs such as sandalwood and apricot.

    The EnQ Body Scrub - 500gm

    ₹ 690.00 incl tax ₹ 890.00 incl tax
    Ubtan is the oldest and most pure form of a cosmetic that was ever created. The EnQ Ubtan body scrub protects the skin from dark spots and blemishes. This body scrub can be used to reverse the skin damage caused by sun exposure. A gentle and regular facial scrub with Ubtan can help remove facial hair naturally and safely. It balances oily skin. Ubtan has coolant properties that help relieve your skin from excess tan. This scrub removes dead skin cells and helps to get soft & supple skin.

    Arabica Coffee DE Tan Facial Kit 280gm

    ₹ 890.00 incl tax ₹ 1,290.00 incl tax
    Arabica Coffee Seeds are High in Fatty Acids Hence, Makes Your Skin Look Soft and Smooth. Caffeine Nourishes and Tones Skin, Helping It Remain Smooth and Young Looking. Arabica Coffee Also Promotes Your Skins Moisture and Improves Elasticity. It Also Acts As A Natural Detox By Removing Dead Skin and Skin Blemishes. Coffee is a Great Exfoliator, It Reduces Inflammation and Redness and Helps in Removing Tan.

    The EnQ Organic Facial Kit - 280gm

    ₹ 890.00 incl tax ₹ 1,290.00 incl tax
    Nowadays, tea tree oil is a popular remedy. It helps treat several conditions and provides numerous benefits, for the skin, so that " The EnQ" Blended tea tree oil in "Facial Kit" Tea Tree oil mainly works on oily skin. This massage cream also eliminates bacteria that form when there is excess oil or dirt on the skin.

    Aqua Marine Gel Scrub 50gm

    ₹ 890.00 incl tax ₹ 990.00 incl tax
    Marine Gel Scrub If You're Keeping Up With Beauty And Skincare Trends, Chances Are You've Heard Of the Amazing Benefits Of Marine Cosmetic Products For Your Skin. The EnQ Aqua Marine Gel Scrub Is Formulated With Algae Extract And Cellulose Beads.

    Natural Scrub

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