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The Ahimsak way of living

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    Navpad Chintan (Set of 4 Books)

    ₹ 70.00 incl tax
    Written By: Pu. Ach. Shri Chandrashekhar Vjay Ji M.S.
    Language: Gujarati

    Navpad Sanvedna

    ₹ 50.00 incl tax
    Written By: Acharya Kalyanbodhisuri ji

    Language: Gujarati

    Yatra, Race Thi Ras Taraf (Shripal Mayna, Raas)

    ₹ 100.00 incl tax
    Written By: Pu. Ach. Vijay Ratansundar Suri ji M.S. ,
    Language: Gujarati
    Pages: 130

    Shri Jirawala Strotradi Sandoh

    ₹ 100.00 incl tax
    Written By: Panyas Shri Veragyaratan Vijayji M.S.,
    Language: Hindi
    Pages: 226

    Jirawala Paasji Pyaro

    ₹ 20.00 incl tax
    Written By: Panyas Shri Veragyaratan Vijayji M.S.,
    Language: Hindi
    Pages: 16

    Jain Books

    They are considered a gateway to the kingdom of information, knowledge, wisdom, and unlocking answers of several questions These books can also be classified in several parts based on their affiliation as well as what they are trying to convey. For example, Jain religious books are focused more on preaching the abundance of knowledge and wisdom left behind by renowned and divine entities. Everyone has their own preference for reading a particular type of book or is looking for a specific type of resource to shed light on some of the issues. Moreover, language is no longer a barrier as if someone who is not familiar with the Hindi language and wants to read in Gujarati language, then that is not a concern as Jain Gujarati books are readily available in the market. One can opt to purchase these Jain books online too. 

    Over the age of modernization, several people often think that interest in reading religious texts has been on the decline. Books such as Jain books, Jain religious books, mythological books, sacred texts, biographies, etc. are not much-given importance especially in the younger generations and hence it is up to the elders to keep the younger generation grounded and remind them of their roots by introducing them to Jain books, Jain Gujarati books, historic books, philosophical and several other religious texts. This way it will be ensured that good knowledge, way of attaining wisdom, staying righteous, and several other important lessons are passed down to them which can help them from falling in wrong ways. This will ensure that the highly beneficial knowledge does not go lost in the newer generations and they can benefit from it for their own growth, success, and happiness. 

    Internet and online platforms have changed the way a book can be read these days. No longer one has to go out to a store to purchase a book and if not available, have to wait a few days till the book is restocked. These days, if you want to read Jain books, all you have to do is to search Jain books or Jain books online and you will be redirected to websites or places where you can purchase Jain books and read it on the screen of smartphones, personal computers, laptops or even tablets. Getting access to information or knowledge as per requirement has become an easy task in this day and age of technology. It can be said that the co-relation of keeping up the traditions, knowledge, and essentiality of religious texts along with modernization tools and the internet has emerged as a boon as more and more people are able to connect to it who previously did not have the opportunity to do so. There are several benefits of reading books and everyone knows it but not everyone indulges in it. It is widely known and proved that reading books have contributed to the development of several skills, knowledge, wisdom, perspectives as well as gaining the power of self-analysis and various other mental benefits.