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    ₹ 200.00 incl tax
    Tea tree and Cinnamon Essential oil boosts the immune system, increases blood circulation and fights skin infections. Eucalyptus (Nilgiri tel), Nutmeg (Jaifal tel) and Thyme (Ajwain tel) essential oils clear mucus from the respiratory tract, fight cough and cold and strengthen muscles and joints.

    Infant Laundry Powder - 1 kg

    ₹ 380.00 incl tax
    Vidhyanjali's Infant laundry powder is made from natural ingredients and does not contain animal fat.

    Olive Almond Oil - 100 ml

    ₹ 300.00 incl tax
    This oil has goodness of olives and almonds.

    Orange Baby Oil - 100 ml

    ₹ 200.00 incl tax
    Orange baby oil enriched with six skin-nourishing oil.

    Vidhya Almond Oil - 50 ml

    ₹ 350.00 incl tax
    Vidhyanjali's Almond oil is a powerful antioxidant-rich in vitamin E and vitamin A. Vitamin E protects skin from UV radiation keeping it smooth and soft while vitamin A helps in reducing acne.