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    Vidhyanjali's Scrub

    ₹ 240.00 incl tax
    Spicy cinnamon scrub is a mild exfoliating face scrub that gently removes the dirt and excess oil from the skin. Cinnamon is a natural treatment for acne; it cleanses pores, and stimulates blood vessels on surface of the skin. Cinnamon increases the collagen production, and thus slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Virgin Rose Water - 100ml

    ₹ 200.00 incl tax
    Virgin Rose Water or ‘Gulab Jal’ is the most common beauty and health product used in almost every household. It is popular because of its cosmetic, therapeutic qualities, and charismatic aroma. Regular use of Rosewater enhances beauty by making the skin as soft and fresh as a rose flower. Rosewater is also known as ‘Natural Toner’.

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