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    Haldi Besan Soap - 90 gm

    ₹ 50.00 incl tax
    Haldi Besan soap is full of reinforcements and calming segments which restore your skin, drawing out its regular gleam, and what better than combining Haldi with besan that’s absolutely healthy.

    Lemon Lime Soap- 90 gm

    ₹ 50.00 incl tax
    Lemon Lime soap is enriched with the goodness of lemon essential oil.

    Mint Soap – 125gm (Pack of 3)

    ₹ 225.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Mint Soap has refreshing properties. It contains mint extract which helps to strengthen skin tissue and reduce the oiliness of the skin. Pure mint soap containing peppermint essential oil brightens dull skin and helps in controlling the natural oil produced by our skin. Mint extract not just has a soothing fragrance, but also acts as a refreshing skin tonic. Its cooling effect is a perfect remedy for acne-prone skin. Peppermint scent is effective at reducing fatigue and anxiety while improving alertness, thanks to its ability to stimulate the central nervous system. Cracked, sore, and painful nipples are some of the most common side effects of breastfeeding, many of which can be difficult to treat and soothe effectively. Some research shows that mint soap could help relieve pain caused by breastfeeding by causing a reduction in these serious symptoms and side effects when applied topically. Mint soap decreases testosterone levels and improves subjective assessments of hirsutism or irregular hair growth in women.

    Mrida Soap - 90 gm

    ₹ 55.00 incl tax
    Mrida soap is known for its exfoliating properties as it contains fuller’s earth clay (Multani mitti). It not only fights acne but also clears skin with fading blemishes. It helps in removing dead cells and unclogs the pores. Apart from this, it has great nourishing properties. The dried fruit from the Cinnamomum glaucescens (sugandha kokila tree) creates an essential oil that is exotic, spicy, sweet, and camphoraceous. Besides alleviating painful muscle tension and joint inflammation, sugandha kokila essential oil can increase circulation and help control infections. Combine with juniper for a wonderful arthritis-relieving blend.

    Neem Tulsi Soap - 90 gm

    ₹ 55.00 incl tax
    Neem Tulsi face wash has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in clearing up skin rashes, eczema, and acne. It brightens dull skin and neutralizes oily skin. It also helps in keeping the skin soft and supple without letting it get dry.

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