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The Ahimsak way of living

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    Carafe - 850 ML

    ₹ 896.00 incl tax
    This fabulous copper carafe is a fundamental vintage item to preserve especially for those wanting to drink healthy water full of nutrients, the ones you can have from copper boosting up your tan.

    Lilly Carafe - 1000 ml

    ₹ 1,120.00 incl tax
    This awesomely looking flower pattern based Lilly copper carafe is an essential vintage item brimming water with supplements from copper likewise boosting up your tan.

    Round Carafe - 1100 ml

    ₹ 1,008.00 incl tax
    This is a wonderfully looking flower vase pattern shaped copper carafe is a vintage to cherish with planetary harmony and keeping away troublesome planets.