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    Lotus Flower Jam

    ₹ 375.00
    A true rarity, the Lotus Flower Jam is Future Organic’s unique specialty. An exotic jam with an exotic taste, the Lotus Flower Jam is suitable for all body types with its multiple health benefits for all age groups.

    Lotus Flower Jam With Herbal Sweetener

    ₹ 300.00
    Lotus Flower Jam with Herbal Sweetener helps people with digestive problem and is also used as a mouth freshener. This is the ultimate jam and rarely available which has a mind boggling Tingly taste and is a feast for the taste buds .This is made of sun dried Lotus petals using a Special process, sugar candy & Organic honey.

    Graviola Stevia Tea Pouch

    ₹ 400.00
    Graviola, popularly known as Soursop is a wonderful gift from the Amazon Rainforests. Graviola is power-packed with antioxidants and is many times better than green tea in boosting immunity and shielding one from parasitic and viral infections. Its anti-inflammatory abilities help to Alleviate Lower Back pain and Gout. It has been tried and tested for immediate action on blood pressure.

    Sabah Snake Grass Tea Pouch

    ₹ 500.00
    Traditionally Snake grass is known for its anti-venom ability because of its anti-cell lysis property, which in fact works as a lethal weapon in fighting against certain cells in the body. Apart from its anti-venom abilities, it's a rich source of Dietary fiber and has to be tried and tested for constipation showing immediate results.

    Drumstick Tea with SteviaPouch - Pack of 2

    ₹ 300.00
    It's just amazing to know that stevia is stuffed with five times more antioxidants than regular green tea! This green tea is powerPacked with double dose of antioxidants from organic moringa and stevia leaves. Moringa empowers the health of human bones and escalates the overall human stamina. Stevia detoxifies the human body and hence strengthens the immunity.

    Tipli Tea Bottle

    ₹ 250.00
    Tipli Tea is made out of tipli plant which is good for rejuvenation and general health. It is excellent for cough, clod, and sour throat. This Tea is recommended to be consumed both in the morning and evening for better results. We call it the wonder tea because good things in life are rarely tasty and healthy.

    Future Organics

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