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    Sadabahar Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 158.00
    Sadabahar Mukhwas is a mix of ingredients of fennel seeds and other spices. It is traditionally used to suppress appetite. It is considered a mouth freshener, especially after meals. Eating Sadabahar mukhwas on regular basis also prompts several health benefits.

    Aam Papad Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 142.00
    Sweet and sour always uplifts our mood. After a heavy delicious meal, there's always a craving to eat a bit more. Aam Papad Mukhwas is a perfect pass-time snack and after meal mouth freshener which is traditionally used by many Indian families to suppress indigestion.

    After Mint Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 158.00
    This classic mouth freshener gives you an after-mint coolness that relishes a tingle in your taste buds. The After Mint Mukhwas is eaten after a heavy delicious meal to suppress indigestion. This mukhwas can also be eaten as snacks.

    Ajma Pachak Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 158.00
    Ajma Pachak is an after-meal mouth freshener made with rich organic ingredients for after-meal mouth freshener.

    Alsi Gotli Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 158.00
    Made with flax seeds, dry mango seeds, sesame seeds, Cumin seeds blended with salt, pepper and spices, Alsi Gotli Mukhwas helps in suppressing indigestion and gives you an everlasting taste of a bit saltiness and bitterness.

    Anar Dana Mukhwas - 250gm

    ₹ 126.00
    Combining the premium quality and rich protein ingredients to suppress your indigestion, Anar Dana mukhwas is a perfect after-meal mouth freshener that also prompts several health benefits.