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    Almond and Saffron Moisturizing Lotion – 200ml

    ₹ 199.00 incl tax
    Almond and saffron moisturizing lotion is an all-charge up gently scented body cream with a lightweight rapid dissolving surface full of saffron for cancer prevention meant to have smooth skin every day. Almond & Saffron Moisturising Lotion is a non-greasy formulation with a rich blend of the natural goodness of almond and saffron. It gets easily absorbed in the skin and makes the skin soft and healthy.

    Foot Cream – 50 gm

    ₹ 130.00 incl tax
    Foot Cream is enriched with ingredients that have healing and anti-bacterial properties. It is useful for intensive moisturizing of feet and repairs cracked heels.

    Night Cream - 50 g

    ₹ 190.00 incl tax
    Ayuveer Night Cream has a blend of wide ingredients to moisturize the skin for a more vital, resilient, and younger-looking skin. Keeps the skin hydrated. It is a nongreasy formula that gets absorbed into the skin easily.

    Rose Moisturizing Lotion - 200ml

    ₹ 300.00 incl tax
    Rose Moisturizing Lotion profoundly hydrates and tightens up the skin. It also cures acne by preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Enriched with the goodness of rose extracts, it nourishes the skin by protecting the skin’s natural oils. Vitamin E in the form of wheat germ oil also acts as an antioxidant and maintains an even skin tone. The essential oil helps in dealing with various signs of aging.

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