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    ₹ 200.00 incl tax
    Tea tree and Cinnamon Essential oil boosts the immune system, increases blood circulation and fights skin infections. Eucalyptus (Nilgiri tel), Nutmeg (Jaifal tel) and Thyme (Ajwain tel) essential oils clear mucus from the respiratory tract, fight cough and cold and strengthen muscles and joints.

    Anwla Hair Oil - 200 ml (Pack of 2 / 100 ml each)

    ₹ 300.00 incl tax
    Vidhyanjali's Anwla oil nourishes the hair, controls dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy.

    Basil or Tulsi Essential Oil - 10 ml

    ₹ 120.00 incl tax
    Vidhyanjali basil or tulsi essential oil online, best case scenario, cost from BMV scents fragrance, realize basil oil benefits, basil oil for hair, cooking, fragrant healing, ear.


    ₹ 247.00 incl tax ₹ 290.00 incl tax
    Black sesame seeds oil give a rich fragile nutty flavour. Practically imperceptible mash to your dishes. Sesame seeds are great wellsprings of copper. A generally excellent wellspring of manganese calcium phosphorus magnesium iron zinc molybdenum nutrient B1 selenium. Black sesame offers an assortment of extraordinary flavours that are just about as unadulterated as the mother's adoration. They penetrate the flavours and improve the smell of your suppers.

    Castor Oil - 1 litre

    ₹ 400.00 incl tax
    Natural Castor Oil is a characteristic wellspring of unsaturated fats that feed and saturate the scalp and backing solid hair. Support lovely, more full-looking lashes and temples by utilizing Organic Castor Oil as a characteristic eyelash and eyebrow serum.

    Clove/Laung Essential Oil - 10 ml

    ₹ 80.00 incl tax
    Clove Oil has been utilized for quite a long time in dental arrangements for its capacity to purge the mouth. It gives a horde of advantages to people specifically suffering from teeth problems.