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    Hemp Seeds - 100 gm

    ₹ 72.00 incl tax ₹ 90.00 incl tax
    Start eating healthy by choosing from a diverse range of seeds available here. Use them in your daily diet and add a dash of variety of taste and health benefits. These essential seeds are finely produced from reliable sources.

    Jeerasar (GJ17) Rice - 500 grams

    ₹ 52.00 incl tax ₹ 55.00 incl tax
    Jirasar rice is perhaps the best nature of rice on the planet. Jeerasar Rice is an incentive for cash, unadulterated rice that is exceptionally prepared for day-by-day utilization. It very well may be utilized in different rice foods that are cooked routinely in homes all through India.

    Khadi Sakar - Lump Sugar - 500 gm

    ₹ 80.00 incl tax
    Pure Organic Raw Khadi Sakar. Made in a Pristine and Pollution free Organic farm. You will never want to switch back to normal sugar after tasting just one spoon of this Khand! Ripened by nature so significantly better taste.

    Krishna Kamod Rice - 500 grams

    ₹ 109.00 incl tax ₹ 115.00 incl tax
    Krishna Kamod Rice of Gujarat is known for its fragrance and taste. This assortment of rice is not difficult to cook and this gives better processing, positive state of mind and weight reduction. It is utilized in getting ready steamed rice, pulao, kheer, and so forth additionally known for heavenly taste and nutritive qualities.

    Krishna Kamod Rice- 1 kg

    ₹ 175.00 incl tax
    Krishna kamod rice is quite acclaimed for its aroma and taste. It is widely known and appreciated as the Basmati of Gujarat. Krishna kamod rice is used in the preparation of several delicious food items such as pulao, kheer, steamed rice, biryani, etc. Krishna kamod rice is a variety of rice and is considered a good source of nutrition as it provides high nutritional value. It boasts of high shelf life and it is advised to store it in a cool and dry place. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. It Oozes with purity and natural goodness. This variety of rice is quite easy to cook.

    Makai - 500 grams

    ₹ 52.00 incl tax ₹ 55.00 incl tax
    Corn is useful for vision and heart wellbeing. It is a decent wellspring of energy and lessens joint agonies. Proposed as a customary eating routine for pregnant ladies and Alzheimer's patients.

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