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    Coconut Oil / Narikel Tailam - 1 litre

    ₹ 850.00 incl tax
    Coconut oil is quite certainly a superfood among most and there is no denial in the fact that our coconut oil is cold pressed made in most organic manner possible full of nutrients, useful for body organs and skin to keep it 100% naturally organic to be consumed by ones with food restrictions. We offer coconut oil free of additives or preservatives artificial in nature without emulsifiers and counterfeit added substances making the smell and flavor appropriate for all taste buds.

    Coffee Soap – 300 gm(Pack of 3/100gm each)

    ₹ 240.00 incl tax
    Coffee Soap is a cleaning bar for people, loaded with skin-accommodating fixings, incredible for purifying the skin, and oozes sweet espresso to revives your body through a genuine Coffee Rush. Coffee Soap has coffee extract known for its ability to moisturize and nourish the skin. It gives your skin a rejuvenated look.

    Combo Cream

    ₹ 570.00 incl tax
    Day Cream – 50 g Night Cream – 50 g Moisturizing Lotion - Almond & Saffron Moisturizing Lotion – 200 ml, Peach & Avocado Moisturizing Lotion – 200 ml

    Day Cream – 50 gm

    ₹ 190.00 incl tax
    This Certified Organic Daily Day Cream helps in feeding and saturating the skin throughout the day with no indication of sleekness. It additionally helps in shielding the skin from unsafe UV beams. Day Cream protects the skin from daily external irritants such as pollution and at the same time keeps the skin hydrated.

    Disinfectant Essential Oil - 10ml

    ₹ 150.00 incl tax
    Vidhyanjali's Essential Oil contains a balanced blend of broad-spectrum antibacterial tea tree essential oil and deep cleanser citrus fruit oil.

    Eucalyptus /Nilgiri Essential Oil - 20 ml (set of 2 / 10 ml each)

    ₹ 160.00 incl tax
    Our natural Eucalyptus(Nilgiri) Essential Oil is steam-refined from Chinese eucalyptus leaves. It's 100% unadulterated, non-poisonous, veggie lover, and pitilessness-free.

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