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The Ahimsak way of living

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    2021, November

    Health Benefits of Giving up Soft Drinks
    7425 Health Benefits of Giving up Soft Drinks
    Beverages are a part of our daily lifestyles. Especially if one talks about carbonated Soft Drinks, such beverages are famous among kids to older folks. Although, one should know that there can be several different problems related to Beverages.
    Jain Temples and Worship practice
    2 Jain Temples and Worship practice
    Jainism, or the path of the Jinas, or conquerors, is India's longest continuous monastic tradition. Its devotees use austere behaviors and even self-mutilation to achieve identity. Mahavira was born to a reigning family in the town of Vaishali, which is now part of the current state of Bihar, according to tradition. He sacrificed his prosperous life at the age of thirty and dedicated himself to fasting and self-mortification to cleanse his mind and uncover the meaning of life.