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    2021, August

    Paryushan: Importance of Ayambil Aradhana
    0 Paryushan: Importance of Ayambil Aradhana
    What is Paryushan? Paryushan is the most significant and auspicious annual Jain festival. It is a holy event that is to celebrate the spiritual awareness of souls. This event is celebrated during August or September whenever the Hindi calendar begins around the Shravan Vad 12th or 13th and ends on Bhadarva Sud 4th or 5th. It is believed to be a holy event that lasts around eight days and is celebrated to increase spiritual intensity through the help of fasting and meditation. During this time, Jain people try to implement self-discipline and penance to purify their souls to the best of their capacities. However, the word Paryushan has several meanings; it can be separated as Pari and Ushan, which means all kinds and burn. It signifies the shedding of all karma. Ushan can also mean staying closer, which in turn means staying closer to the soul. The word is also said to have a different origin, Pari and Upshamana. Upshamana means to suppress & it signifies the suppression of passion, which is the Kashaya- anger, ego, deceit, and greed.
    Homemade cakes & chocolates for festival
    0 Homemade cakes & chocolates for festival
    Festivals are a time to be grateful and cherish the occasion with our friends and family. And no celebration is ever complete without sweet treats and dessert. What is a better way to enjoy such a special occasion with cakes and chocolate that adds a special touch of love and makes the whole thing so much more intimate? Even though the times might be changing, one thing that reminds us of our house and gives us the same comfort level is keeping up with our family traditions with mom’s made sweets, snacks, and desserts. The magic touch of treats made by grandmother and mother can take you back to your childhood and help you live ever-lasting memories all over again.