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    2021, September

    Benefits of Ghee
    0 Benefits of Ghee
    Ghee is a low-fat, shelf-stable substitute for butter and other culinary oils. The essence of Indian cuisine is Ghee, made from cow's butter strained to eliminate all of the milk particles like caseins and whey. Ghee is one of the most revered foods in Ayurveda, and it has remarkable therapeutic value. In India, it is used in traditional Indian recipes, as frying fat, and even in Ayurvedic supplements. Ghee is created by separating the liquid and milk solid parts of butter from the fat. To begin, boil the butter until the liquid has evaporated and the milk solids have settled to the bottom of the pan, getting yellow to brownish. The process of heating and filtering the milk solids removes nearly all of the lactose, making it lactose-free.
    Chyawanprash-The Immunity Booster
    0 Chyawanprash-The Immunity Booster
    Indians are known for many things, including putting together various herbs to form a beneficial solution. This skill of theirs is why people are prone to accept herbal mixtures from Indians without hesitation. After all, there are validations that it usually works. For this article, we shall be looking at Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic product of Indian descent that serves many purposes, including being an immunity booster. It is common in India, as most people will know of it when you mention it.
    Relish your tea time with namkeens
    0 Relish your tea time with namkeens
    Tea time is probably the best time of the day when you can sit down and chatter with your family. But why make it so tasteless? Namkeens are and always will be the best companion to go with tea. But not all namkeens suit your taste. Namkeens always remain more of a personal choice, and the range of choice can vary from person to person, even in a family. Whether it's the spicy and salty peanuts, you can savor all your favorite namkeens with tea, all you must order them.
    Spices and Herbs
    0 Spices and Herbs
    Spices and Herbs form one of the pillars of our Indian Food Culture. For centuries herbs and spices have played an enormous role in flavoring dishes all over the world. The Spice industry is a flourishing market and has gained a lot of popularity around the globe over time. With so many spice companies opening one after another, one thing that is going downhill is the quality and authenticity of original spices.