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    Relish your tea time with namkeens

    Relish your tea time with namkeens

    Tea time is probably the best time of the day when you can sit down and chatter with your family. But why make it so tasteless? Namkeens are and always will be the best companion to go with tea. But not all namkeens suit your taste.

    Namkeens always remain more of a personal choice, and the range of choice can vary from person to person, even in a family. Whether it's the spicy and salty peanuts, you can savor all your favorite namkeens with tea, all you must order them.

    Namkeens can ruin or even make your tea time special, so choosing the exact perfect taste becomes all the more very important tasks to perform. Whether you are serving the guests or having banter with your friends, namkeens can save the day. Family time is the most essential in a person's life and can affect him in a great deal, so protecting and cherishing it becomes your responsibility too. 

    After a long day, you would also want to relax and discuss random things with your family. Not only this is the time you have one to one talk with your children, and you surely don't want to ruin it because of a namkeen.


    How did Namkeens become so important?

    Namkeens are important, and there are no questions about that. But what makes it more important is that their origin. Namkeens originated in India, and that's why they are so close to Indians. Whether you go to any household in India in city, town, or villages, you will surely find a box of Namkeens, and needless to say, there's no tea without namkeen and biscuits. Biscuits can be missed sometimes, but namkeen cannot. 

    Namkeens translates into salty in English but is more spicy and flavorful for the real application. From traditional times, Indians prepared these tea-time snacks in their households. Many things have changed over time, but their preparation has not, and they are still prepared the traditional way, with the main ingredient being "Besan" or chickpea flour. They are either fried or baked.

    Well, baked snacks are healthier, so they have been in use over time. Well, this combo is traditional in India, and therefore no one even time can break it. Frankly, traditions are the juice of India, and India is just hollow without them, and keeping those traditions alive is our job as Indians. Well, Indians can live without, but the food is an exception to that. Indians live for food, and therefore the Indian taste is irreplaceable. So, Jain marketplace makes sure that you do not lose out on that in terms of Namkeens. From ghatiya to bhujiya, you can get any namkeen of your choice laced with Indian taste there with just the ease of a click or a call. Well, Namkeens are something personal to Indians, and although we do not realize it, they play a very important part in our lives.

    Some of the Namkeens that are dear to us are mentioned below.

    Moong dal

    Moong Dal is sure to be your favorite at some point in

    time. Its crunchy and salty taste suits to be the best tea-time snacks. With just salt oil and moong dal, it is not only healthy but tasty too. As Hindus, our culture is non-vegetarian, our culture even prohibits onion and garlic, plus Jain culture is pure vegetarian too, so to suit all of India's needs, Moong dal is purely vegetarian, unlike the packed food we get in the market that uses onion powder and garlic powder. 

    However, to suit your vegetarian demands, you need to order it from the most trusted sites as many companies add onion powder to enhance the taste a bit. The real taste is the ethnic taste, and the traditional way is without any extra ingredients. Fried moong dal doesn't require some extra ingredients. Its subtility in spices is the best, plus its light and is perfect as an evening snack. Plus, add some extra fiber and protein into your diet with moong dal. It is also not going to turn out to be heavy on your stomach as it's easy to digest and healthy.

    Soya Sticks 

    Are you in love with spice? Well, then this Soya Sticks is just for you. Soya sticks made from soybean flour, and chickpea flour or "Besan" will fill your evenings with spice. Plus, its crunchy taste is even good for light munching. Well, this snack is sure to take away your heart, and one thing even better about this is that it's safe and healthy. One thing about Jain marketplace is that their snacks are pure vegetarian, and you can munch them during the festival season. Why compromise your tea time? Plus, festivals are all about some family time. So why ruin it for the festival only? Adding to it are its health benefits.

    Soya chunks are a storehouse of protein and getting it through your favorite namkeen is a feeling that can't be explained. Plus, it makes an awesome journey partner too. Forget the blues of journey with these awesome and crunchy soy sticks. It crackles your taste buds with crunchiness and abundance of taste. However, your experience wholly depends upon the store you're buying it from. Believe it or not but preparation means a lot when it comes down to Indian Snacks.


    This pure chickpea flour snack has made its place in every Indian household with its taste. Gathiya is an amazing addition to tea. The tea itself is a feeling; you need some light-baked or fried salted snacks to enhance this feeling. Plus, this is best for serving with tea. As India has various customs, Indians have a variety of tastes, but no one can turn down this namkeen as it goes well with everyone's taste.

    These long-fried snacks can go along with your favorite jalebi, fafra, and whatnot. If you're a Gujarati, then there's no turning down this amazing snack. But you sure don't have to be a Marwari to have this amazing snack. Plus, it goes well with sweets too. Its subtle and salty flavor helps you neutralize your taste buds after having your quota of sweets. We all know the feeling when we had too many sweets, and our mouth starts to be sugary. Have some ghatiya then. 

    Ghatiya, with its origin from Rajasthan, has made its way all over India and is loved for its subtle salty taste with a taste of besan in each of its bites.

    How To Order and Why Prefer Online?

    Well, you must be wondering that these snacks are easily available in your nearest stores, too, so why take the hassle of ordering online? But, what is the guarantee that they are not adulterated? None, right. Well, online gives you just that. Plus, how do you know that they are purely vegetarian? You surely don't want to spoil your festivals by consuming onion-flavored snacks. So, ordering online won't only provide variety but quality too. You can be sure of what you're eating, which offline stores can't provide. Well, the second thing ordering online is not a hassle at all.

    All you need to do is keep these steps in mind, and you're good to go.

     First of all, you would need to go to a trusted website.

    • Once you’re done selecting the snacks, go on and order.
    • You can also order via call or WhatsApp. Make sure you note the correct number, so you don't end up getting scammed.
    • Buy in small amounts so you can be sure of the taste and order accordingly.
    • Choose safe payment options or ask for cash on delivery.

    Now you are all good to go and can savor your favorite snacks without any real hassle. Have your snacks delivered to you at your doorstep just by a call.


    We all are well aware of the part Namkeens play in our daily lives. Whether we accept it or not, our lives are incomplete without tea and tea-time snacks. Every moment with our family is precious, and these small things are what we pass on to our children. Tea time is a time where everyone sits together to share some valuable time as a family, and that time relieves most of our tensions. Today, we are living in a fast-paced world with deadlines and lifestyle stress. But these slow evening moments are moments we live for. Compromising these moments for anything is not worth it. After all, we all live for these. Namkeens fit into moments effortlessly. Moreover, these moments are unsavory without a bit of salt in them. After all, sugar and salt are what makes our life juicy. It's not only about Namkeens, but it's about our roots. These namkeens connect us to our roots. The taste we belong to and are a part of. We can’t imagine our life without soya sticks or aloo bhujiya. So protecting this taste and our roots becomes our responsibility.

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